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The SMC data tool allows you to discover the various poverty levels across the UK within various groups. You can also make comparisons to help you visualise the poverty levels you are most interested in understanding.

Creating a new chart
The initial chart below gets you started with some overall poverty level comparisons across the UK population, split by region.

If you wish, you can click the New chart button and start afresh. Make your selections from the various drop-down boxes in the popup and press Apply to update the graph.

Add a comparison line to an existing chart
The best way to understand the data is to create comparisons across the different regions or groups. Click Add comparison and select from the drop-downs to add another line to the chart.

You can create up to six comparison lines on a chart, which must share the same date range and measurement (i.e. the percentage of people or number of people).

Removing a comparison line

To remove a comparison from the chart, click the coloured box to the left of the legend title that you want to be removed.

Share the chart
We encourage you to share this data tool so that others can understand the latest poverty metrics. Click the Share button, choose the platform you want to share it to (Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn) and send it to your followers.

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Notes: For certain sub-national samples (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), averages have been taken across three years to generate a sufficient sample size. Where the sample size was not large enough, these results are missing.